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Pixie™ Games Puzzle
Pixie™ Games Puzzle
Pixie™ Games Puzzle

Pixie™ Games Puzzle

Baby Chamber

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Game Night! Fun Night!

Try our new fun and challenging, Pixie Games Puzzle everyone in the family can enjoy.

What Is It Suitable For?

The Pixie Games Puzzle helps with smaller children's logical thinking skills and adults with their memory; all while having fun
Athetier Match


Who Can Play?

The game is designed for
 ages 4 and up 
and up to 4 people can play at a time. 

How To Play?

  • Each player gets an identical set of 5 blocks.
  • Shuffle the pattern cards and flip the top one. 
  • Players need to match their set of blocks to the pattern of the top card.
  • The first player to succeed shouts "got it" and grabs the card and shows the match.
  • To start a new round flip over the next top card
  • Player with the most cards, Wins!